YA Highway -- Procrastination

This week's question is: how do you procrastinate?

This could be a long post. Or not.

1. Blogging. I'm procrastinating my homework right now. Of course I do all my blog posts on Sunday so I can't procrastinate-- I mean, so I don't have to worry about them during the week.

2. Cleaning. When I REALLY want to procrastinate something, I start cleaning. Especially late at night. I'm not really sure why I use cleaning as a way to procrastinate since it actually seems more work than whatever it is I don't want to do, but I guess I'm just weird that way.

3. Internet. Enough said. Facebook, hotmail, gmail, AW, various online games. Each one is a source of hours of procrastination. Literally.

4. Reading blogs. I read 50+ posts a day. Or I used to until the laptop crashed.

5. Eating dinner. I'll think "I'll just eat dinner and then do my homework." Two hours later, number 3 has kicked in and the homework is still sitting in my backpack.

6. Um...I'll think of something else later.


Kaitlin Ward said…
Cleaning! You crazy person. Usually when I procrastinate, I'm trying to avoid cleaning ;)
YA Highway said…
thanks for procrastinating! Oops -- we mean participating :)

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