Google Earth and Maps

OH. MY. GOSHHHHHHHHHHH! The first book in the new Camp Half-Blood series is written! YAY!!!!!! I can't wait! :D

They're not just for stalkers and getting directions anymore. You can also use them to get amazing setting description for novels without every leaving your home. In a lot of places you can even flip to street view and see the setting exactly as your characters would see it.

Jump is set in a half-fictional, half-real town in Pennsylvania. Three Days is set in a fictional summer camp set in a real forest outside a real town in Washington.

All you do is look at the map and start looking for places that would make good settings. I have various WIPs set all over the country. Pennsylvania, Washington, California, North Carolina... Unfortunately it doesn't do much good in the way of creating fictional worlds, but if you're writing contemporary, it can be a great tool to add to your arsenal.


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