Good news! (Finally)

Okay, so I had a doom and gloom post planned for today, but yesterday I changed my mind.

I was going to blog about how my writing wasn't going well, all I can do is obsess over whether it's good or not and what the outline should include. Then I was going to offer myself a challenge to a personal NaNo.

Instead I'm going to celebrate and then make some goals! We all know how well that goes most of the time...

THE LAPTOP'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, at this very moment I am typing this post from a makeshift desk in the living room until we can move a desk into my room. Unfortunately desk = no more midnight writes in bed, but I'm just happy to have the laptop back at the moment.

This also means that Week in Shorts will return! I'm going to start doing them next week because even though I have a half day today, I don't have time to read that many blog post. Especially since I'm already WAY behind on revisions, beta reading, and writing.


1. Destiny -- read through and make a list of all the scenes to keep in the rewrite. Make a rough outline. Finish rewrite by May 1st.
2. Jump -- read through beta comments again. Revise accordingly. Read through and make a list of my own revisions suggestions. Implement them. Send out to round two betas. Have agent ready by April 11th. (That's the end of my spring break).
3. KITSAN -- begin working on once again. Finish first draft by May 1st.
4. Three Days -- continue writing. Finish first draft by April 1st. (This is my personal MaNo project).

Also, my tongue is burnt. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but it's bothering me.


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