Monday, May 30, 2011

Glee Season Two Review

The season two finale of Glee was last Tuesday. It feels strange knowing that after this weekend both of the shows that I look forward to each week will be on break.

Overall, the season was okay. Unlike season one which was consistently good from episode to episode, this one had truly great episodes spaced out between lackluster ones. However the great ones made the entire season worth watching so I guess it balances out. I'm not going to lie, I almost stopped watching in the first few episodes. Though I'm glad I didn't because episode six more than made up for the first five and after that the show really picked up to its former quality.

My top three favorites for this season (in order) were: New York, Original Songs, and Furt. I'd try to pick a favorite song, but I don't think I can.

Episode reviews: (Keep in mind that I wrote these as I went through the season)

  1. Auditions -- Rachel annoyed the crap out of me in this episode, but I loved Sam. Good, but not up to season one standards.
  2. Britney/Brittany -- This is probably my least favorite Glee episode ever. I almost quit watching ten minutes in. The only redeeming factor was Jessie Carl and even he couldn't even come close to making up for it.
  3. Grilled Cheesus -- Okay, but still not up to season one standards. It was Finn's turn to annoy the crap out of me and he doesn't usually do that. He's one of two redeeming characters for the show for me so it's really bad when he turns me off it.
  4. Duets -- Sam and Quinn made this one all worth it for me. The rest of the time I just wanted to smack Rachel.
  5. The Rocky Horror Glee Show -- A little better. Having never seen Rocky Horror (travesty, I know) I couldn't really judge it against that. Will and Sam somehow made it worthwhile.
  6. Never Been Kissed -- This episode made up for every horrible moment of season two and then some. It also produced one of my favorite songs, Teenage Dream remake by Darren Criss.
  7. The Substitute -- Didn't live up to NBK, but it was good. I really liked the sub. I hated having Terri back though.
  8. Furt -- Even better than NBK. I have seen the scene with Finn singing "Just the Way You Are" to Kurt several times now and every time I cry and grin like an idiot. I. Love. This. Episode.
  9. Special Education -- the first half was meh, the second half made me hyperventilate. Now that Emma's married and Rachel and Finn have broken up, the only reasons I'm watching the show are Blaine/Kurt and Quinn/Sam. The only really redeeming quality of this episode for me was Quinn and Sam's duet of The Time of My Life.
  10. A Very Glee Christmas -- Holding to Glee tradition, the first half of the episode was a little slow and I didn't like what did happen. As for the second half, AWWW. Not the best Glee episode ever, but it was still pretty awesome. I'm particularly fond of Rachel and Finn's duet of Last Christmas, and Blaine and Kurt's duet of Baby It's Cold Outside. When I watched Kurt's duet, all I wanted for Christmas was for them to be a couple.
  11. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle -- Happy 2011 premiere of Glee! This episode was meh. I did like the Rachel/Puck rendition of "Need You Now." I still can't believe Finn and Quinn kissed.
  12. Silly Love Songs -- Third favorite episode of this season (so far). I can't believe Kurt finally told Blaine he loved him and Blaine won't do anything about it because he's too scared of messing it up. But was it just me or was Blaine looking at Kurt while he was singing "I love you?"
  13. Comeback -- I thought this episode was going to be a lot worse than it was, but I actually liked it. I can't believe Sue. I also can't believe that Glee actually made me like a Bieber song.
  14. Blame It On the Alcohol -- Decent episode. I can't believe Blaine and Rachel though. I'm not happy with that strange arc at all.
  15. Sexy -- This episode was amazing. I loved everyone in it and I really loved seeing Holly back and getting together with Will. Though I'm curious to see how his new relationship with Holly is going to affect Emma.
  16. Original Songs -- BEST. EPISODE. EVER. Seriously. I'm so happy that Kurt and Blaine are finally together! Also, the two original songs that New Directions performed at regionals were incredible. I want to buy them right now. I felt kind of bad for Blaine and Kurt losing regionals but like they least now they have each other. :D
  17. A Night of Neglect -- this one was okay. The only redeeming factors were Holly leaving, Will's scene with Emma, and the scene with Kurt, Blaine, Santana, and Karofsky.
  18. Born This Way -- OMG I really hoped they would do that song!! YES! AND KURT'S BACK!!!!! OMG THE GOODBYE SONG FROM THE WARBLERS. I almost cried. So. Awesome. And Born This Way was everything I could've hoped for.
  19. Rumors -- That was possibly one of the cutest episodes ever. I'm glad they fleshed out Sam a lot more. He's always felt like a flat character for me. I may have almost started crying when Finn brought in Sam's guitar. Also, I love that they made an entire episode for Fleetwood Mac. Rachel's version of Go Your Own Way was well worth the wait (I heard they were doing a Fleetwood Mac episode at least a month ago).
  20. Prom Queen -- Love this episode. Kurt was AWESOME. I loved him and Blaine together. I also loved how Kurt went back to prom and got crowned prom queen even though it was a cruel joke. I do, however, still have a constant urge to strangle Jesse.
  21. Funeral -- I spent way too much time screaming at this episode to enjoy it. For one thing, I want Jesse off the show. Forever. I feel horrible for Finn right now. I can't believe he broke up with Quinn and then saw Rachel kissing Jesse. I also still can't believe Will's leaving. How could he do that to Emma? Something has to happen to make him stay... I just hope it involves Emma. And an extremely hot kiss.
  22. New York -- Favorite Glee of the season hands down, no contest. I can't believe they didn't at least get in the top ten at Nationals, though. But seriously... The songs they sang at Nationals? Finn and Rachel's stage kiss? Them getting back together? Blaine telling Kurt he loved him? Mercedes and Sam dating? Will agreeing to stay? WIN! Pure brilliance.