Week in Short

Another long one for me. The good news is spring is finally here *knock on wood because we're supposed to get snow this weekend YECH* and there's only two more weeks left until my spring break! I've been indulging my addiction for Shinedown's new song Her Name is Alice and recreating a liking for NSYNC from when I was in second grade. I'm weird.

There are a lot of awesome links this week, so we'd better get started.

Must Read of the week comes from the Intern who talked about the ten best things you can do for a manuscript.

GLA's Third Worst Storyline Ever Contest is running now and will end on March 28th.

Jennifer Jackson announced the release of Shadow Mirror. Not only does it have an awesome cover, but it sounds like a great book too!

Captain Underpants is coming back in August! I was a fan when I was younger, so I had to share that news.

BookEnds explains asking for status updates from agents.

Editorial Ass demystifies how publishers choose books and what happens if a submission needs more work than average.

GLA interviews Quinlan Lee, agent at Adams Literary; shares the successful query to Murder on the Rocks; five quick query letter tips; and a guest blogger has the benefits of contests.

Janet Reid explains when she wants to hear from you.

Literary Rambles shares a tip for writing down nighttime ideas. I really need to get some of those light-up pens...

Nathan Bransford reminds us to be specific in queries.

OPWFT shares more agent stories of querying blunders. Wow there are some wild and shocking ones this time...

Pub Rants has round three of questions.

Querytracker has awesome advice how to write a query with voice.

Rachelle Gardner critiqued two queries this week: number one and number two.

Story Flip has the yays and nays of when to rewrite.

Writer Unboxed reveals how to survive that second book.

YA Highway interviewed Kathleen Ortiz, literary agent.


Wow that was a lot of links!

Destiny -- have had ideas for a complete and total overhaul that may or may not involve a complete rewrite of the beginning, the deletion of one of my favorite characters, the murder of one character that died long before the original and another that survived through the original, and major changes to the MC's back story. It should be...fun and insane to say the least. I can't wait to see where the ideas go! I'm thinking major action.

Jump -- revisions are still in progress. I need to kick myself and just roll through them.

KITSAN -- on the sidelines until I figure out where the heck it's going.

Three Days -- stands at 10k! Planning on doing some major writing this weekend.

Just found out that the birthday party my mom told me we had to go to tomorrow is actually next weekend. YES! No birthday party + no other plans + no homework = WRITING TIME! Whether any writing/revising actually takes place during this weekend remains to be seen. Everyone have a GREAT weekend and remember: even though it may be snowing outside, spring IS technically here (not really, but it does start on Sunday)!


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