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How the time flies...

Wow how the time flies. My writing has been going very well. That first novel I told you about is now on it's third edit and I'm hoping to query on it sometime in the near future. We got snow over the weekend so no more spending time outside. Dang it. In the meantime of my editing, I've started three new WIPs.

1. Black Diamond - Horse story about Rachael, a girl that wants a horse more than anything for her birthday, and Diamond, a young abused eventing horse that is just want Rachael wants.

2. Shipwrecked...with a boy - YA romance about a girl shipwrecked on an island with amnesia and a boy that she is falling for

3. Thieves - Unsure about genre. The story of Grant, a boy that lives in a society of thieves that goes on the much anticipated yearly job known only as "the robbery". This one started out as a short story and turned into a novel.

Black Diamond is almost done, Shipwrecked is about 10k words of unconnected scenes, and Thieves is only about 2k and needs to b…