Thursday, March 4, 2010

City of Ashes Review

I'm going to interrupt this scheduled post for a quick announcement.

The totally awesome Kody has an announcement!!!!!!!!! You can now pre-order her book AND there's an official release date! September 7th! :D

*clears throat* I finally read CoA and had to fangirl over it, I mean review it. There are spoilers so don't read the following post if you don't want to know some of what happens. If you have already read it or don't care if I spoil the book for you, by all means read on. :D

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
I'm not afraid to admit, I've had this book since Christmas and just started it a couple days ago. I was a little worried about starting after the rollercoaster ride City of Bones gave me. But I finally put that aside and started CoA.

Holy. Crap. This book is way better than City of Bones. It might be because I'm used to Clare's writing style now, but wow. This is one of those books that if I hadn't had school, I would've just read it in one night. In fact I did read the last half in one night, staying up until after eleven to finish it.

Jace is still my favorite character. *hugs* I'll admit to spending part of the book yelling at him, but I'm over that. Clary didn't annoy me nearly as much in Ashes as she did in Bones. She still has her moments, but she wouldn't be Clary without them. Simon never ceases to surprise me. I still can't believe he's a vampire now. I thought I was going to explode when I heard. Valentine is one of the best villains I've ever read. He's just so...evil. It's awesome.

I love Clare's dialogue. Especially with Jace. It's just so...real and him.

Kiss scene in the Faery City...AWESOME! I would've squealed over it for hours afterward if I hadn't been in school when I read it. I'm just lucky no one asked me why I couldn't stop grinning. WHY does he have to be her sister????

One more thing, it seems like every time someone sees Jace or Valentine they talk about how much Jace doesn't look like Valentine. It's like they're trying to tell me something....I can only hope. :D Yep, I'm still hoping that someone will jump out and say SURPRISE Valentine's lying! Jace isn't his son and therefore the Jace/Clary romance can continue!

Now I'm going to go hunt down City of Glass ASAP. School library doesn't have it so it looks like I'm going to have to get it some other way.

Overall: 9/10


M.J. Horton said...

I love the books too! And yes, you DEFINITELY should get Glass ASAP.