Interview with Jeremy and Camryn

Instead of my usual teaser, I decided to interview Jeremy and Camryn, the main characters from my new WIP, Three Days. I've been planning on doing this for awhile now because I really need to sit down and get to know them better. Teasers might resume next week, I have to see where I am with things.

Me: Good afternoon, guys. Glad to see you could join me. Why don't you introduce yourselves?

Jeremy: (in his soft Irish accent) I'm Jeremy. Yes, I'm Irish, but I've lived in America for years.

Camryn: I'm Camryn, but everyone calls me Cam.

Me: We're glad to have you both. You're both spending four weeks of your summer at Sunrise Summer Camp. How do you feel about that?

Cam: I never wanted to go to the camp in the first place. I much rather would've been at home hanging out with my best friend, Rachel. But after I met Jeremy, I didn't want to leave.

Jeremy: I love spending my summers at Sunrise. I learn something new every year.

Me: Why don't you both tell me about yourselves?

Jeremy: I moved into a small town from Ireland when I was ten. I'm also Jewish.

Cam: I've lived in the same small Washington town since I was two. It's the kind of town where you can ride your bike from one end of the town to the other in an afternoon. Rachel was my best and pretty much only friend. The two of us were the outcasts in our tiny school.

Me: Thanks guys. Jeremy, you like to play soccer?

Jeremy: I do. I'd probably be disowned from my family if I didn't. *grins* I don't really like football. Soccer's a much better sport.

Me: Agreed. Cam what do you like to do besides hang out with Rachel?

Rachel: Someone say my name? *walks in and plops down on the sofa* Is this the boy you were talking about, Cam? *looks him over* He's cute.

Cam: *blushes* Jeremy, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is Jeremy.

Rachel: Nice to meet you.

Me: Guys! Rachel, what are you doing here?

Rachel: Wow, I feel so loved. I thought you might need some embarrassing stories about Cam.


Rachel: Kidding.

Me: May I remind you that you're not really in Three Days?

Rachel: So? I can't sit in on the interview? I'm not moving.

Me: Fine. Cam, question before Rachel interrupted us.

Cam: Not really. I do homework. I read. Sometimes I like to run through the trails and fields outside of town.

Me: Is there anything either of you would like to do, but haven't had the opportunity?

Rachel: I'd like to be in my own book.

Cam: *ignores* I'd like to visit places all over the world. Sydney, Paris, London, England, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Hawaii, Mexico. I've never been outside Oregon and Washington.

Jeremy: You'd love Ireland. *smiles* I'd like to go sky diving.

Rachel: Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Jeremy: *shrugs* The thrill.

Me: Okay this is getting kind of long so I'm going to ask a couple more questions and then let you guys get back to camp. Most of Three Days is focused on your relationship, Cam, with Jeremy. Why don't you tell us how you two met?

Cam: Well, it was our first day at camp. We had to go canoeing and I just had the good luck to be paired with Jeremy. I'd never been canoeing a day before in my life and he'd been doing it for years, so he had to teach me how.

Race: Awwwww. I wish I could've been there. Did you take pictures?

Me: *rolls eyes* One last question, Rachel you can answer this one too if you like. If you could wish for one thing right now and it came true, what would it be?

Rachel: I'd wish for magical stone with unlimited wishes and no unintended consequences.

Cam: We thought we found out of those in fourth grade. You called it Hermie.

Rachel: Yeah, I remember that. I might still have that rock somewhere...

Jeremy: You named it Hermie?

Rachel: Shut up, it was my Harry Potter phase and I couldn't say Hermione.

Cam: I'd wish...for all the time in the world.

Jeremy: I'd wish to live closer to Cam.

Me: That's all we have time for! I'll see you guys later.


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