RTW -- Favorite Reading/Writing Blogs and Resources

YA Highway's question for Road Trip Wednesday is "What are your favorite reading/writing blogs and resources." Knowing me, this could be a long list, but I'll do my best.

By far the best is:

ABSOLUTEWRITE! I honestly think that no matter what your question is (writing-related or otherwise) someone there has the answer. Lurking or actively posting, this forum is a gold mine of information. They also have threads for most agents, agencies, and publishers where people can post on their experiences with them.

TWFT -- I may be a little bit biased here since I, you know, write for TWFT, but it's a great source of information for all writers, teen or not. TWFT stands for Teens Writing for Teens by the way.

(Old People Writing for Teens) -- the OPWFTers aren't actually old, they're just older than the twifties. They have an awesome blog with great posts and occasional giveaways and other contests.

(W)ords and (W)ardances -- otherwise known as Jodi Meadow's blog. It's a great source of information and she does weekly query critiques as well.

-- The blog for BookEnds agency. I love this blog...

Elana Johnson's blog -- Elana, author and writer for Querytracker's, personal blog

Guide to Literary Agents -- Informational posts, interviews with agents, features of new agents coming into the industry, examples of successful queries, and authors stories to agented-ness. What more could you want?

Janet Reid's blog -- Query shark and literary agent, Janet Reid's blog

Nathan's blog
-- because my list wouldn't be complete without Nathan Bransford

Writer Unboxed
-- focuses mostly on writing and revising information and author interviews

Pub Rants -- Literary agent, Kristin's blog

Queryshark -- The dark depths where Queryshark prowls and preys on queries. I love this blog. :D

Querytracker Blog -- Writing, revising, and querying information from a variety of authors

Rants and Ramblings -- Literary agent, Rachelle Gardner's blog

Pimp My Novel -- Insider info on the amazing and complicated world of publishing

I'm sure there are many, many more, but these are the best ones I can think of for now. :) I look forward to checking out everyone else's links.


bclement412 said…
ABSOLUTE WRITE IS MADE OF WIN! As are the others you mentioned =)

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