Monday, March 1, 2010

Shadowland Review

There are spoilers. I can't help it.

Shadowland by Alyson Noel
I definitely don't love Shadowland. But I don't hate it either. Right now I'm still debating whether I want to throw it against the wall or love it. For most of the book I wanted to strangle both Ever and Damen. They were both being selfish idiots. The only characters I really loved were Jude, Romy, and Rayne.

I'm still confused about the ending. It ended pretty abruptly with Ever getting herself in more and more and more trouble as the story goes along because she never listens to anyone but herself and I'm still confused over Jude. She slaps him into a wall and then just leaves. When she finds out that she might have been wrong about him, it's like he's not even in her mind anymore. Honestly I think I might like Jude more than Damen especially with how he was acting. He was being so selfish with the whole karma crap.

Oh and the whole spell thing, WHY didn't Romy and Rayne remind her that it was a new moon??? They were THERE and they just let her go ahead and run amok with things she doesn't understand and doesn't listen to Damen. Or anyone. She just thinks that whatever she thinks is right is automatically right and doesn't bother to stop and consider the consequences which is what got her in this massive mess in the first place. Okay, I'm done.

Dark Flame is next. Anyone know if this is the last one?

Overall: 6/10