What's Up Wednesday - January 21, 2015

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk to help writers stay in touch.
What I'm Reading: 
Still Boy on the Bridge. I'm a little less than halfway. I ordered a bunch of new books from B&N and they shipped today, though, so I'm going to have to finish it before they get here. 

What I'm Writing: 
Nothing at the moment. Working on getting Weredragon's synopsis down to a more acceptable length. My writing goal for the week is to get ten queries out there again.

What Works for Me: 
Sometimes it's not giving myself rewards. I've talked before about how I like to give myself a little break after I complete a task on my to do list. Sometimes that break is an episode of a TV show. Recently, though, I've had to quit doing that because I find myself spending more time watching Stargate or How I Met Your Mother than actually working. For now I just work through my to do list and then I get to have fun. 

What Else I'm Up to: 
I start both of my tutoring jobs this week--statistics within the psychology department--and I'm actually pretty excited about it. Hopefully it all goes well this semester.

Have a great week!


Miss Cole said…
There's a fine art to the synopsis. Good luck! Practice makes perfect ;)

Have a brilliant week.
Good luck with the queries! I don't like sending them out and waiting to hear back, but it's something all of us have to go through. Enjoy writing this week.

My What's up Wednesday post.
Emma Adams said…
I have the same trouble with rewards - they don't work as a motivator, because I just end up not working at all. :P Good luck querying!
Alison Miller said…
Totally believe in writerly rewards! And yes - get through the to do list, then have fun is an awesome way to go. Hope you have a great and productive week!
smile4niki said…
Good luck on your queries! Hope you get good news soon.

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