College: Going Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week (I know, I'm in shock too) which means it's almost time to head home for the holiday! If you're lucky enough to get the whole week off, you might be on your way home already. If you have to wait until Wednesday, I sympathize. Here are some tips on going home for the holidays.

Get homework done
You might think that you'll have plenty of time for homework when you get home, but in my experience the holidays are the worst time to try to get things done. Home is nine hours away from college for me, so going home is a really big deal. My days tend to be packed with visiting people and going out. Therefore, check your syllabi and make a list of all the homework that you should get done. Get as much of it done before you leave as you can.

Make plans with any rides/passengers early
If you're catching a ride home or taking on any passengers, make sure you get all plans set ahead of time. There's nothing more annoying than having to wait for a driver or passenger because plans weren't clear. Things happen but try to stick to a schedule. 

Prepare your dorm room for the time away
Make any arrangements that you need to. Don't forget to clean out the fridge and get rid of any food that will spoil while you're away. If you have fish or other pets, make arrangements for them. Clean up your room and make sure to get rid of any garbage. The last thing you want is to come back to a room filled with fruit flies or smelling like rotten garbage.

Budget gas money
Gas is really expensive so make sure to prepare for that. If you're riding home with someone else, discuss how the costs will be divided and don't forget to bring enough money to cover your portion. If you're driving and taking passengers, make sure to talk to them about dividing the cost of gas and stick to the decided division.

Don't forget to pack
It's the weirdest feeling to pack stuff from your dorm room into a suitcase to go home.  Don't forget to pack ahead of time so you're not rushing to throw things into your suitcase five minutes before you're supposed to leave.


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