Week in Short

It's Friday the Thirteenth! To everyone attending ComicCon: I am intensely jealous right now. It's the only time of year I hate living on the East Coast. In TV news, White Collar season four premiered this week. I'm still at the beginning of season three so I'm thinking a marathon is in order this weekend. Covert Affairs season three also premiered and I'm not really sure how I feel about the direction the show is going. 

Song of the Week: Circle of Life by Elton John (Not sure why, but I've been on kind of a Disney song kick lately.)

Must read:  
Wall Street Journal: Tweets from Pixar's School of Plotting A storyboard artist for the movie, Brave, on the basics of storytelling

Clockwork Princess cover reveal! LOVE! Tessa, the angel, the dress, the book! SO AWESOME!


It's been announced that the Mockingjay movie is going to be split into two parts. I'm getting really sick of this belief that every YA series can do the same as Harry Potter and pull that off in the name of money.

BookExpo America announced new dates for 2013

Between Fact and Fiction: 
Published writers don't forget

Janice Hardy:
You'll have to go through me: Eliminating filter words
What to do when you need to cut a major part of your novel 

The law of diminishing returns

Publishing Crawl:
Staying inspired

#225: Contemporary middle grade 

Anatomy of a website

Rachelle Gardner: 
Publishing is not a three-legged race 

Steph Su Reads:
Defining "normal" and "adult"

Taryn Albright: 
Queries: the Ugly
Queries: the Good

The importance of back-ups
Making maps

Video of the Week: 
This is a skit that David Tennant and Catherine Tate performed. If you don't know who either of those people are, they're both brilliant actors. In Doctor Who, David was the Tenth Doctor and Catherine was his series four companion, Donna.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


Em said…
Ah, I love those two!

For some time I would automatically go, "extrrrrremely dull" when someone said "dull," and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I was getting it from until I went through my mental list of funny Scottish people.

It's also occasionally tempting to scream "BITE ME, ALIEN BOY" for emphasis, but I've managed to restrain myself so far.

Also, Tate looks so skinny in The Office these days, it's almost disconcerting. Ah, well. Have a lucky 13th!

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