Every You, Every Me Review

Every You, Every Me
by David Levithan
Evan is alone. His best only friend, Ariel, is gone. Evan is feels responsible. And in her wake, evan is left with nothing a guilty conscience and never-ending insomnia.

But then, while walking to school one morning, Evan finds an envelope in his path. Inside is a photograph. Of nothing. Except the spot where he is standing. 

The next day, Evan finds another envelope. In the exact same spot as before. Inside is another photograph. Of him. 

Evan's not sure what to think. Is Ariel back? Are these photographs her way of tormenting him for reminding him of what he did to her? Or worse -- has someone else found out what he did and is toying with him as punishment? Either way, he will not be able to sleep rest until he finds out who is responsible.

As the cryptic photos keep surfacing, Evan's paranoia amplifies, and the feeling that he never really knew Ariel at all starts to paralyze dominate his life thoughts. Will he uncover the truth before he loses his mind his grasp on reality?

I was a little nervous about starting this book. I'd never read anything written in a strike-through style before and I wasn't sure how the photographs would work into the story. But, it was David Levithan and the story sounded good so I finally decided to start reading it.

I had no reason to worry. The strike-through was easy once I got used to it and the photographs were weaved beautifully into the story. The writing had a way of drawing me in slowly so I didn't even realize I'd been caught until I tried to leave. I read it all in one sitting, racing through the pages and finishing ten minutes before I had to leave for a grad party because I didn't want to put it down.

The characters and their reactions and their emotions felt completely real. I loved the concept that everyone perceives the same person in a different way and that we can never know everything about someone.

Overall: 10/10 I've never read anything like this book. I had goosebumps just looking at it after I finished.


Unknown said…
Wow! Sounds like an amazing read, Rachael. Bookmarking it for later. :)
LM Preston said…
10 out of 10! I'm so picking this up. Great review!

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