I Know It's Over

I Know It's Over 
by C.K. Kelly Martin
Pure. Unplanned. Perfect. Those were Nick’s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture. With the collateral damage from his parents’ divorce still settling and Dani (his girl of the moment) up for nearly anything, complications are the last thing he needs. All that changes, though, when Nick runs into Sasha at the beach in July. Suddenly he’s neck-deep in a relationship and surprised to find he doesn’t mind in the least. But Nick’s world shifts again when Sasha breaks up with him. Then weeks later, while Nick’s still reeling from the breakup, she turns up at his doorstep and tells him she’s pregnant, and Nick finds himself struggling once more to understand the girl he can’t stop caring for, the girl who insists that it’s still over.
This book is beautifully written and executed. It's told from Nick's perspective and the voice is wonderfully real. I actually started reading this last year and couldn't get into it. When the Once Upon a Read-a-thon came around, I decided to give it another shot. It was a bit of a struggle to get into initially, but once it caught me, it wouldn't let go. 

The story starts after Sasha is already pregnant and uses flashbacks to show Nick and Sasha's relationship and how it started. It was all really well done.

Nick's character annoyed me quite a bit, especially with his attitudes towards sex, but it all felt real. Everything was so realistic feeling in this book. I felt like it all could have really happened. 

Overall: 9.5/10 Every teenager should read this book. Incredibly realistic with a great voice.


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