Monday, December 17, 2012

Tips for Querying Multiple Projects

It's best to query one project at a time, but if you just can't help but query two projects simultaneously, then here are a few tips.

1. Best with diverse projects
Querying multiple manuscripts at once is best if they are all very different. Perhaps you have one non-fiction proposal and one YA novel. Or perhaps one is adult and the other is middle grade. This way your agent pool for each project is more likely to be segregated.

2. Write individual queries for each project
There should be one manuscript per query. Don't try to save time by putting summaries for all your projects into the same query.

3. Don't query the same agent with both projects simultaneously 
If you're querying the same agents with both manuscripts, it's best to choose the manuscript that you think would be their best fit. If you have a YA fantasy and a YA contemporary, and the agent is looking for all types of YA and specifically mentions fantasy in their wish list, don't send them the contemporary.

4. Don't ply agents with queries
Don't wait for them to reject one and then immediately send them the other one. The same goes for requested fulls/partials. Unless the agent asks "what else do you have?" don't immediately send them more queries after they reject one.

5. Keep careful records
Make sure to write down which agent has which query and which agents you haven't submitted to yet. You don't want to receive a full request for one project and then send them the other. (This may sound far-fetched, but it almost happened to me!) You also don't want to send the same agent the same query twice.