Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pets: Real Life and Fictional

I thought it might be fun to talk about my pets in real life and those of my character's. There aren't a lot of animals in fiction that aren't central to the plot and that's always kind of bothered me.

My Pets: 
I don't have any pets that I can specifically call my own because I live in a college dorm and we're only allowed to own fish. Last year I had a betta named Rory Williams who, sadly, did not live up to his namesake's ability to survive death. After I get back from break, I want to get a new betta named Bates (after John Bates in Downton Abbey). 

At home we have one dog and six cats. We have a Husky/Chow mix named Loki that's getting up there in years. Then there's Bandit, an orange and white male cat that we've had for as long as I can remember; Diamond, a black and white male that growls at everyone; Lyra, a sweet brown and white female; Talon and Mia, Lyra's two kittens; and Scoot-Scott, a pure black female that is only sweet when she wants to be and attacks the rest of the time.

My Character's Pets: 
Zeus and Athena are Troy's two cats. Zeus is a black male with an imperious attitude who doesn't like to be disturbed. He's based off my cat, Diamond. Athena is a tabby female who loves to play and has a no-nonsense attitude. Troy also has a young female Schnauzer named Brittany.

Skylar cares for and rides a buckskin mustang gelding named Smoke. He's a naturally proud horse, doesn't bond to people easily, but will do anything for the person who gains his trust. Kaye owns an abused gray Quarter Horse named Shiver. She's roughly based off my old Quarter Horse, Lady, who was gray but -- not to my knowledge -- ever abused.

What pets do you have? Do any of your character's have pets?