RTW -- Writing Songs

YA Highway is doing a special extended week of road trips this week! Today's topics are:

- Best Music to Write To/Be Inspired By

The music that I write to is kind of random. I have more Pandora stations than I know what to do with. Generally I just choose the one that I feel like listening to and just write. I don't make playlists because I rarely ever have songs that I associate with my WIPs. When I do have specific songs, it's usually just one or two and not nearly enough to make a playlist out of.

Mostly I listen to my Nickelback station because it's easier for me to tune out rock music than anything else. WTS was mostly written to my Keith Urban station because it takes place on a ranch in Nevada and that felt more appropriate.

Specific songs that I find inspirational:

"Impossible" by Joe Nichols

"Even If It Breaks Your Heart" by Eli Young Band

"Crazy Town" by Jason Aldean (The song itself isn't really the inspirational part, but I relate the lyrics so much to the world of publishing and the writing journey.)


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