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This week's question at YA Highway is:

Topic #14: What are your favorite book covers?

This is a hard one. I tend to judge books more on summary than I do covers, but let me see if I can think of some. So I started making a list of all the book covers that I can remember and love -- being able to remember it off the top of my head already means it must be good -- and the list turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. When all was said and done, I had forty-one choices. I didn't even know I remembered that many book covers! ? Anyway here are my top ten in no particular order:

Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
This is the hardcover version of Lightning Thief's cover. I love this cover and I've always loved it. The cover was the second thing I saw when I picked up the book and I already wanted to take it home. It's almost worth paying extra for the better cover. You can't tell on a computer screen, but the cover is sleek and shiny.

Fade by Lisa McMannI took me awhile to decide if I liked Wake, Fade, or Gone's cover best. Eventually, I choose Fade. I love how simple and yet how gorgeous it is. Even the next of the title and author's name is perfect. This is one of those covers I can just sit and stare at for hours trying to puzzle out the meaning of it. Wake's cover is easy, but I haven't figured out if there's any symbolism behind this one yet. Oh wait, I think I get it...

Wild Magic by Tamora PierceYou may or may not recognize this cover. This is the older, hardcover version of Wild Magic. The one I can only find online or in the library. I like this one a lot more than the new one. I'm not really quite sure why, it might be because I've read the book so many times that I've just gotten attached to this one over the new one. But I love it. It has text that makes me think of classic books, Cloud's there (and she's actually the right color) and even the hawk.

Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsI love this book! I love the color scheme of red and yellow. I love how they have the bird on there. CF's cover also follows the theme that HG's did. It's a lot simpler than some of the covers on this list and that's just one more thing to love about it. CF's cover doesn't have to be complicated to make you want to take it home.

Shadowlands by Alyson NoelI haven't actually read this book yet, but it's somewhere in my room waiting for it's chance. All three of the Immortals books have gorgeous covers, but this one's my favorite. Hopefully the words inside will be just as good... :)

Foretelling by Alice Hoffman
I love this cover! And not just because there's a horse on it either. :P I love everything about it, from the gray horse in the front, to the storm in the background, to the delicate gold text.

Strange Angels by Lili St. CrowHere's another book that I haven't read yet, but is on my list. The cover was what caught my eye first -- once on Amazon and once in Borders. It's so beautiful and dark...

Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Another one I have to read yet. I love how the building seems to just pop out of the page at you with the purple sky behind it.

Along for the Ride by Sarah DessenThis one is simpler than some of these, but it definitely works for the story. They even have the bike in there :)

Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerNo matter how you feel about the book inside, you have to admit the Twilight has pretty awesome covers. This one's my favorite. I love the symbolism of this twisted ribbon starting to be unraveled and hanging on by just a thread. The awesome title text doesn't hurt either. I used to try to teach myself how to write like that.


bclement412 said…
Ooh I forgot about Catching Fire! Good one. I have a few of these on my list as well ;)
Great covers! I LOVE the new covers for the Olympian books, but I also have that original Lightning Thief cover and it's awesome.

And Tamora Pierce covers are pretty fantabulous as well. :D
Leasie said…
Oooh, I love Wild Magic, makes me want to read it again :) Nice choices! There are a few here that I have never seen before, and they look intriguing.
Kate Hart said…
Shadowland is really neat!
Kirsten Hubbard said…
Like your Wild Magic, I definitely have covers I adore because they have such a piece of my heart. Such as the classic cover to Watership Down: http://alitareads.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/watership-down.jpg
Not much going on there, but I love it.

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