You might be a writer if...

Okay this was posted yesterday so I couldn't add it to Friday's WiS, but I couldn't wait until this Friday to share. My friend Bailey had an interview with Lisa McMann!

I have made my official decision regarding my WIPs. I thought briefly about trunking all of them for a week or two until my schoolwork gets itself all straightened out, but instead I'm going to trunk all of them, but Jump. I was up to eight WIPs and while I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, I just can't give that many works my full attention. So until Jump goes out to betas (which I'd like to be February 1st), she's my only WIP.

So...-I decided to start the week off with a fun little post. If you recognize yourself in any of these (I know I'm guilty of at least half of them), then congrats, you might be a writer! :)

You might be a writer if... think schizophrenia is normal.'ve started talking to your fictional characters. find yourself talking in third person.

...a form rejection makes your entire day.

...a full request makes your entire year. write five words and think it's a good day, because at least you finally got through your writers' block.

...all your idols are published authors. think burning books should be punishable by the death penalty. sleep with a notebook beside your bed in case you come up with an idea in the middle of the night. stay up until midnight finishing a novel enough though you have to get early in the morning. And it's totally worth it.'d do the dishes if it meant beating writers' block. *raises hand*

...your characters are your best friend.

...rewriting an entire 300-page novel makes you happy. spend an entire weekend rewriting said novel if only to destroy it in revisions.'d give anything for a laptop just to be able to go outside and write.

...querying scares you more than asking out the guy (or girl) you've had a crush on for a year. cry when your agent doesn't call, but not when your boyfriend forgets to. spend lunch in the library reading or writing. bothers you when anyone types 'ok' or 'kk' instead of 'okay.'

...chatspeak makes you want to pull out your hair.

...your friends come to you with stories that they want you to write, but can't seem to do themselves. (this happens to me a lot with one friend in particular) get excited when the teacher makes you write a short story and/or poem and/or essay. can't WAIT for Creative Writing class.

...the only thing you'll be at school at 7:30 for is a Writers' Club meeting. get mad when your parents refer to what you're doing on the computer as 'playing.'


Haha yes all those were spot on with me! I must be a writer... :D
Madeline-Rose said…
Hmmm...I must be too! lol.
Anonymous said…
*raises hand at the chatspeak one* OR, you judge every potential bf/gf on their grammar in text messages.

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