Week in Short

Another week gone, another weekend here. Unfortunately for me, this isn't going to be the relaxing weekend that it should be. I have a mountain of things to accomplish and I can't just slack off like I did last weekend. But I'm not here to complain about all the crap that I have to accomplish between now and midnight on Sunday. It's time to look back on the last five days. :)

*squeals* Only 18 more days until Gone and 21 more days until Lightning Thief!!!! Sorry, I've been watching LT trailers again... I think I'm finally winning my mom over to go see the first possible show of LT. I'm excited :D Though if it comes out at midnight on Thursday, I may have to convince her that it's okay for me to miss one day of school for a movie...


We have three co-MRs this week. Number one is a guest blogger of Nathan's. This post makes me want to go write right now! I'm not going to tell you what it's about -- I don't think I could do it justice if I tried -- so just read it. :D

Janet Reid has a chart of everything you need to query fiction, non-fiction, and/or memoir. I just need a website (unless this counts), possibly a dedicated query email, and...oh yeah, a finished project.

Last, but not least, how to back up your MS. I just got done emailing Jump to myself, downloading dropbox, and reminding myself that I need to buy a new flash drive because my last one corrupted. (We've been having laptop issues lately and since my uncle's desktop crashed without warning I've been paranoid about losing all my stuff).

Bailey, one of my twiftie friends, interviewed Maggie Stiefvater, author of Shiver, this week!

BookEnds answered some random questions.

GLA linked to five articles for romance writers.

Nathan Bransford's guest blogger teaches us how to make a book trailer.

OPWFT talked about online presence.

Pimp My Novel explains the pros and cons of getting an MFA.

Querytracker blogged about trimming down your manuscript.

Rachelle Gardner explains email protocol.

TWFT landed an interview with Natalie Fischer, literary agent.

Writer Unboxed talked about switching voices, voice from an agent's perspective, and choosing a point of view this week.

Phew that's a lot of awesome links :D Unfortunately in my own little world there isn't a lot to discuss. AP Lit and Wuthering Heights is sucking up most of my time and probably will continue to until Tuesday when we start presenting our projects. I did manage to fit in a little revising time with Jump over the course of the week and intend to make time for a little more this weekend. I had two SNIs on Thursday, plus an insatiable desire to work on KISAN. I don't have any writing to report on any of my WIPs and I hope to change that sometime this weekend as well.

So until Monday everyone...have an awesome weekend!


DUDE I seriously <3 you for including me in this! And I loved reading the NF interview. Awesommmmme :D

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