Week in Short

First Week in Short of the new year!! Sorry about not posting the last three days. Tuesday I decided to forego posting a teaser since I haven't been writing. Wednesday my mom told me the laptop had crashed when I got home and we thought we were going to have to send it in to get the motherboard replaced. Again. Yesterday we found out that it was just a faulty power cable and got a new one, but I had a review of Wizard Heir planned and I still haven't finished it yet. Bad blogger/reader/writer, I know. :(

This week's Must Read is the top ten questions editors ask themselves when reading a work.

GLA has links to two contests for MG and YA writers. I'm going to have to check those out when I'm done.

Kate Epstein is now accepting young adult submissions.

Colleen Lindsay is once again open to queries according to Querytracker!

Blood Red Pencil has a few things that drive editors crazy. And beta readers and readers and probably agents too...

BookEnds has a guest blog by Jennifer Stanley on staying true to your voice instead of current trends.

GLA has an interview with Rachelle Gardner, descriptions of romance and women's fiction by agent, Scott Eagen; and an explanation of New Adult. So those of you that have college-age MCs may have a place to put them in the future!

As for how my writing's going...not well. I blame a combination of homework, stress, and an extremely addictive online war game that my cousin got me on. I'm determined to change that this weekend. Somehow. I was going to write tonight, but now I'm watching PoTC 1 and listening to Nickelback so that might not happen.


Great roundup :D The New Adult link was great!

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