Snow White and the Huntsman Review

I promised a full review of Snow White and the Huntsman last week and so here it is.

WARNING: There are spoilers beyond this point.

Okay, first of all, it was a good movie and I fully intend to own it when it comes out on DVD, but it could have been so much greater than it was.

The majority of the cast was incredible. Charlize Theron made a brilliant queen. She actually made me feel kind of sorry for the queen despite hating her so much. The part where she turns back into her human form after being a flock of crows is just beautiful. And the part where they show her as a child and how her power was tied to her beauty was a great addition.

Chris Hemsworth nailed the part of the Huntsman and he looked hot doing it. He's such a great actor, being able to play the part of the drunkard, the huntsman, and the grieving widower all in the same movie.

Sam Claflin made a flawless Prince William. His acting was amazing and the expressions on his face made me melt. I loved the scene where the queen is disguised as Prince William. His acting in that was spot-on.The scene where the queen's brother's bowman shoots an arrow at him and he grabs it out of the air and shoots that arrow and one of his own back is awesome. I could watch that one forever.

The one shortcoming in this great cast was Kristin Stewart. I can't explain how disappointed I was when I heard that she was going to be Snow White, and I'm sad to say she did not surprise me and change my mind. Even her character took a backseat to the queen, the Huntsman, and Prince William. She almost felt like a secondary character in comparison.

I really liked the addition of the queen's brother, though he was kind of creepy. I've never heard of the queen having any siblings in any of the tales so that was new.

Major thumbs-up to the special effects team on this one. They were amazing. I love the scene where they attack the dark army and every time they kill one, they shatter. The Mirror was absolutely incredible.

Now, Snow White is supposed to have, "Skin white as snow. Hair black as night. Lips red as blood." But young Snow White from the beginning has brown hair. And not even dark brown hair. And Kristin Stewart seriously needs lipstick.

The part with Prince William attacking the wagon train at the beginning has a distinctly Robin Hood feel to it. When Snow White is in the Dark Forest, the one creatures she sees bear a remarkable resemblance to dementors. And finally -- the biggest one -- when Snow White is walking through the Sanctuary and the dwarves said she was going to meet "him," my mom and I both were fully expecting Aslan to appear.

Big twist with the Huntsman's kiss breaking the curse at the end. I liked that, though I wonder if they both know that it was him that broke it. That being said, WHO WAS HER KING? They make it look like maybe she and the Huntsman are in love there at the very end. I've been thinking, though, and I don't think the Huntsman would be very happy as king. And hen she kisses Prince William, she looked king of disappointed, but was that because it wasn't quite what she expected or because the queen was disguised as him at the time?

If you've seen the movie, what do you think of it?


LM Preston said…
Love that someone else have reviewed this movie. Thanks for posting.

A dark film, Thereon's sparkling performance overshadows Stewart's lackluster effort.

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