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Some time ago, one of my friends suggested that I watch Sherlock. Far too long after that initial conversation, I watched the first episode.

I was hooked instantly. I gradually watched all six episodes. Last week I watched the finale of the most recent season. I am now an official Lockian.

I will freely admit that I was never really into Sherlock Holmes. I've never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books (though I plan to spend part of this summer fixing that) and it wasn't until this year that I saw the two Sherlock Holmes movies: Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. But I love Sherlock.

The show has a strange format. Each series consists of only three episodes, but each episode is an hour and a half long. And they're all some of the most brilliant things ever written.(If you've ever watched Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, head writer of DW for the past two series, is the co-creator and writer of Sherlock. So you know it has to be genius.)

Moriarty is now one of my most hated villains of all time, a list that is populated by Umbridge, the Master, Voldemort, Regina, and Anson. He's certainly one of the creepiest. Some of his scenes in the series two finale actually made me shudder.

As for Sherlock, I think I'm in love with him. There is no one who possibly could have played him better than Benedict Cumberbatch. He's brilliant and clever and he really does care about those very few people that he calls friends.

Here's the promo trailer for series. Even though I've already seen all the episodes (the first one three times), it makes me want to watch them all again. 

And one of my favorite, non-spoiler scenes:

Series three won't be out until sometime in 2013 and I'm already dying to see it. It's been almost a week since I watched the finale and I still can't stop thinking about it.


Sherlock is so great. I managed to catch The Reichenbach Fall on British tv back in January, and I saw it again on PBS when I got home... it still boggles my mind. I cannot wait for series three.

As for Benedict Cumberbatch, well, "brainy is the new sexy," isn't it? ;)
E.Maree said…
Sherlock is one of my favourite recent shows. I've been obsessing about it since the first series. <3 Sooo good.
Anonymous said…
Love, love, LOVE this show. I was hooked from the start. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for the role. Very sexy too! Only thing I didn't like was Moriarty. Didn't think the casting was right there.

I heard their starting production in Jan 2013. So long to wait! I keep watching the finale of S2 just to get clues of how he faked his death.

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