Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Liar Review

by Justine Larbalestier

Micah will freely admit she's a compulsive liar, but that may be the one honest thing she'll ever tell you. Over the years she's fooled everyone: her classmates, her teachers, even her parents. And she's always managed to stay one step ahead of her lies. That is, until her boyfriend dies under brutal circumstances and her dishonesty begins to catch up with her. But it is possible to tell the truth when lying comes as easily as breathing?

If you're looking for a light-hearted read for a rainy day, this is not it. I honestly think his was the strangest book I have ever read in my life, and I mean that in a good way. The writing style might be jarring for some people, but personally I thought it fit perfectly with Micah and her story. LIAR is the kind of book that makes you think and sticks in your head long after you've closed it.

This book hooked me from the start. I felt like part two dragged on a little more than it should, but part three was perfect. I read the last half within a few hours because I couldn't stop reading until I saw her lies through to the end.

It was so weird having a compulsive liar as a narrator, but I liked it. It made me think more than I usually do while reading and kept stringing me along hoping to finally get the truth. As for the characters, I thought they were all excellent, but I especially liked Pete. Micah's relationship with Zach, Tayshawn, and Sara was perfect. Weird, but perfect.

Overall: 9/10 I can see that this one is going to stick in my head for quite awhile.


The fact that I still don't know if she was telling the truth or not is going to drive me crazy for awhile. It's making me want to read the book again, to see if there are any clues that she might have been lying about it all.

What happened to Jordan? She said it was an accident, but what was the accident? And was it one?

I can't believe her parents threw her out of the house like that. I also can't believe they still celebrated Jordan's birthday and death-day too. I mean, I can believe it,

I also can't believe Micah wanted to kill Yayeko and her family. Does that mean when she said that wolves don't kill humans she was lying? She wanted to, just like Pete killed Zach. She would have.

Yeah, I'll be thinking about LIAR for a very, very long time.


E.J. Wesley said...

Saw your post on the AW blog roll... Lovely review! Now a follower. :)