Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Review

First the non-spoilery review.

Part one was AWESOME. End of story. Good-bye. The end. (Virtual cookie to anyone who can tell me what that's from.) It didn't meet my insanely high expectations, but that's mostly because it was build-up for what's coming in part two. It'll be a lot better when the two parts come together. It was still worth stayed up until three in the morning and being exhausted in school the next day. SO. FREAKING. COOL. I'm hoping to go see it again Wednesday night. Eight months until part two!


Things I Liked
  • The part at the beginning where Hermione wipes her parent's memories. I'm really glad they added that part.
  • Ron. I think Rupert was my favorite actor in this movie. He was SO GOOD.
  • Fred and George. Enough said.
  • Ginny. She's better in this movie than the last one, trust me.
  • The part where Ginny and Harry are kissing and George walks in behind him. So cute!
  • Ron destroying the locket. EPIC. Except for the one part which I will address in a minute.
  • I seriously thought I was going to die during the torture scene with Hermione. A part of me wishes that Bellatrix had just used Crucio, but another part says it was a nice touch.
  • Dobby. OMG DOBBY. There wasn't a dry eye in my theater when he died. The girl sitting behind me was literally bawling. I didn't think it was possible, but I loved him even more after his scenes in the movie. Especially when he helped Kreacher catch Mundungus and when he unscrewed the chandelier and his BEAUTIFUL speech before he saves everyone...
  • The little Decoys in the Ministry were adorable.
  • The silver doe scene was perfect.
  • Ron and Hermione together were SO CUTE.
  • The scene where Harry and Hermione dance. Harry was so sweet. :D
  • The part where Cattermole's wife kisses when when he's still under the Polyjuice potion. Brilliance.
  • The place they chose to end it was perfect. It's so dramatic, but DANG CLIFFHANGERS
Things I Didn't Like
  • The part where the locket opens and the smoke Harry and Hermione make out. It was awkward.
  • That Wormtail didn't kill himself with the silver hand. This. Is. Important.
  • They cut the part with Dudley thanking Harry for saving his life.
  • No Harry being nice to Kreacher and giving him the locket.
  • Kreacher also never tells the full story of what happened in the cave with Regulus.
  • There's still a gaping plot hole of how Harry is supposed to know what the other Horcruxes ARE. They better fix that soon.
  • They never explain that the reason Bellatrix flips out so much over the sword is because it's supposed to be in her vault.
  • No Potterwatch. That part in the book is SO important to me and it was what kept Harry fighting.
  • The Lovegood house scene. It was cool, but the book scene was way cooler.
  • Taboo on Voldemort's name is used but never explained.
  • Harry never stole the eye off Umbridge's door.
  • Harry still hasn't realized how much his Cloak is like the one in the tale.
  • Harry never uses his Cloak. Including when they just walk into Godric's Hollow. I understand why they wouldn't want to have the use the Polyjuice potion again, but why no Cloak?
  • No sign or monument in Godric's Hollow. Another morale booster for Harry in the book.
  • Lupin never came to Grimmauld Place and it still hasn't been announced that Tonks is pregnant.
  • I don't know how they're going to explain Snape finding them in the Forest of Dean without Phineas.
  • Harry never made a gravestone for Dobby.
  • They left out the HUGE internal conflict with Harry getting obsessed with Hallows and then deciding not to race Voldemort towards the Wand.
  • Ron just hid from the Snatchers instead of going home.
  • No breaking free the Muggleborns. I loved that part SO MUCH in the book and they just left it out.
Despite the fact that there are more things I didn't like than things I did, I still LOVED the movie.