I love reading the acknowledgments in published books, but I wasn't always that way. Before I became a writer, the acknowledgments was just a sheet of paper between me and the end of the book. Just a long list of people that I'd never heard of before and probably never would. So I skipped over them.

Then I started writing and now I love reading the acknowledgments. I always make a point to at least skim through them before or after the book is done. Why the change? Because, now I know what goes into a book. I know how many people are involved to get this book into my hands. Reading it is like watching the "behind the scenes" clips for a movie. It's fascinating to hear who was involved with the making of the book. So many people coming together to make one dream a reality and put the result of that dream in our hands.


Kaitlin said…
Same here! I love seeing who is agented by who, as well. And seeing who else they wanted to thank, because it's true, there are so many people who help a book get where it is. I never used to understand that, either.
Nomes said…
I always read them too :) Not sure why :)

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