Finding Your Manuscript's Birthday

I can't do YA Highway this week because I didn't know the topic on Saturday when I wrote this post. :(

A year ago, I wanted to know when Destiny's birthday was so I could celebrate it. I remembered starting Destiny in November, but I didn't know exactly when. So I figured out a way to find out the exact date and time Destiny began.

Note: I have no clue when the idea of Destiny was born. Unfortunately I'm not psychic so I can't help you there. I can only tell you how to find out when you wrote those first words.

Note Take 2: This only works on Windows as far as I know. I've tried it with my mom's XP and my Vista and it works on both.

Step 1: Find the very first draft of the WIP. The one you wrote those first few words on.
Step 2: Right click on the icon.
Step 3: Click 'Properties.'
Step 4: Look down. It should say 'Created: (date and time).' This is the date you first created that file. If you don't see this, make sure the 'General' tab at the top is selected.

This can be very surprising sometimes! Though this doesn't work if you create the file, wait two weeks, and then start writing your WIP. It also might not be accurate if you've transferred the file from one computer to another.


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