Top Five Villains

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was pretty good. I started ARML's rewrites, watched Devil May Care and Rachel Alexandra demolish their respective fields (YAY!), spent a lot of time relaxing (read: procrastinating), and got a new SNI that really needs to shut up inside that trunk I stuffed it in.

We spend a lot of time and blog posts on our favorite characters, but what about our favorite villains? Those people we love to hate. The ones we want to personally push off a cliff. So here are my top five villains in a particular order:

#5: Duke Rodger of Conte
Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce
I still get chills thinking about his return. Very incredible and evil villain. He put up such a perfect facade that everyone loved him.

#4 Murtagh
Inheritance Cycle
Sorry I couldn't not include who is probably one of my favorite (still living) characters in the Inheritance Cycle. One minute you want to smack him across the face and the next you just want to hug him. Or it might just be the whole bad boy look, not really sure.

#3 President Snow
Hunger Games Trilogy

He's EVIILLL but yet oh so awesome as a villain. He's dark, mysterious, and seems impossible to beat. Also tell me you don't find the whole smelling like blood and roses thing intriguing and revolting.

#2 Voldemort
Harry Potter
It's everyone's favorite villain! He's sinister, dark, evil and he has every reason to be that way. He has a whole past and a whole reason for being evil. Come on, tell me you at least sympathize for him a little even as you're cheering for his demise.

And now the man who inspired this entire post because I was watching clips of Doctor Who again this morning and whose song is currently playing on repeat in my head...

#1 The Master

Who's your favorite villain?



So much cooler than Daleks. :D

Hmmm... favorite villains... Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty is pretty awesome... Frollo in Hunchback of Notre Dame (book and Disney versions)...

Ooh! The Adderhead in the Inkheard trilogy. And Lamia in Stardust. :)

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