RTW -- Favorite Reading Memory

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This Week's Topic:
What's your favorite reading memory?

The first time I read Harry Potter. I was still living in the apartment with my mom at the time and it was probably third or fourth grade. My cousin -- who was a bit of reader himself at the time but unfortunately lost that when he came to high school -- wanted us to read this book. My mom promised to read it first and then, if she deemed it "appropriate" (I'm not really sure what possibly could happen in that book to make it inappropriate), then I would be allowed to read it.

So, I waited. She read it. She thought it was okay, but she didn't become the Harry Potter addict that I was to be. She told me I could read it.

That day it was sitting on the coffee table under the lamp looking a little worn from its various readers but beautiful and mysterious. The pages were folded up a little bit at the corners as paperback books are wont to do after several readings. I picked it up, curled up on the couch, and here I am today. The Harry Potter addicted nine years later counting down the days until she goes to the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows and getting ready to reread Chamber of Secrets to rediscover the magic she felt all those years ago.


KO said…
love it. It must have been magical to read HP as a kid.
Dear Doppleganger,

I will count down those days with you.

A Fellow HP Addict Since Childhood

Sarah Enni said…
I feel like reading HP even now, after several times through, it is STILL magical. It is just that good.
Kate Hart said…
I am so jealous of all of you who read it as kids.

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