Living with SNIS

SNIS or Shiny New Idea Syndrome
A disease that only infects writers causing them to periodically come up with new ideas, particularly at the most inconvenient moments for the writer.

  • Being a writer
  • A tendency to come up with new ideas
  • The urge to carry around a notebook and pencil "just in case"
  • An itch to work on a new idea despite the fact that you're neck-deep in revisions for another novel
There is no cure for SNIS, however there are several ways to manage this crisis. Always keep something around in which to write down ideas as they occur to you. I find writing down an idea when it comes to me decreases the urgent feeling to start plotting out/writing said idea. It makes me feel like I can always come back to it later. Tell yourself "I do not need another WIP, I do not need another WIP" until the desire to add another WIP to your list disappears. Go back to working on your current work in progress and remind yourself that you will never be a published author if you can't buckle down and finish one project without starting five more.


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