Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Writing Wednesday

REVISIONS ARE FINISHED! :D Just finished a few minutes ago in fact. Okay, now that I'm done squealing, let's see how things are going...

I didn't have a very good morning. I woke up from a somewhat great dream that made me mildly depressed, had a headache most of the morning, and then found out that Mine that Bird has been scratched from Saturday's Travers (where I expect Quality Road will outclass most of the field) and Nicanor is on 60 days turnout rest for an injury.'s really hard for me to tell which day was my best and which was my worst because of the revisions. I didn't do a lot of writing this week, even when I did have time. My best day for writing was, of course, last Wednesday when I finished Destiny with a 5,571-word writing spree. My worst days were Friday and Monday with no words both days. My best days in terms of revisions were Friday and Saturday with five chapters each. Last Wednesday was my worst with only three, but I think I should be able to get away with that...

Status: Querying!
Queries sent: 10
Rejections: 3
I still have seven queries out so fingers crossed! Now that revisions are done, I can set her aside and concentrate on my other projects. I plan to spend the fall and winter querying and just see how things go. I'd forgotten how much I love Destiny until I went back and reread it.

Assassin's Wife:
Status: Trunked
You read that correctly, AW is being trunked. It's NOT forever, I promise. I'm just putting it away for a couple months. It hasn't been progressing well at all. I already know that I'm going to need to partially rewrite the beginning so I decided that I'm going to take some time away from her.

No Kissing:
Status: Trunked
This one is also being trunked temporarily. I figure that I'll take a month off and then start all over with a clean slate. I really don't like how this one's wandered off without me and I haven't written on it for what, a month now?

Status: Minor WB, but NOT being trunked!
Last week: 15,000 words
This week: 16,500 words
Jump is still coming along quite well. I definitely don't have plans to trunk this one any time soon. It's actually part of the reason why AW and NK are being trunked -- because I want to spend more time with Jump without feeling guilty. I've got some minor WB, but I'm hoping to break through that in the next couple days.

Shipwrecked...with a Boy:
Status: Coming out of the trunk!
Maria's finally come out of hiding with Dylan and has started bothering me again. So after a few months of trunking, I'm going to start Shipwrecked's rewrite soon! It's not going to be a total rewrite because I just want to concentrate on working on the plot a little without losing the great characters. So in the next couple of days, I'm going to give Shipwrecked and read-through and take some notes on what needs to be fixed.

Jump looks so lonely now that it's the only thing in my WIP folder...I'll have to move Shipwrecked over there so it doesn't look so empty. :D I have a very special surprise tomorrow so make sure you come back and check that out!


Anonymous said...

Shipwrecked sounded really interesting so YAY! its untrucked!
and WOW. Just WOW HR! You have so many WIP! I struggle with 2 lol!