Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Talk Favorite Books

I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to post today, but I have been thinking about my favorite book/series/authors lately, so I figured that it would be fun for us to share what all our favorites are. Plus I have a TWFT post to do today so I really need to be brainstorming for that...

Been procrastinating most of the morning. Spent a lot of it talking to friends, watching stakes races, writing a blog post for my horse blog, checking up horse neglect cases (Dang those take a long time), and updating my submitted agents sheet. I received two query rejections so far today and it's only one. The agents are on a role today.

Now, for a brief rant over Breaking Dawn and some fangirling over Harry Potter. (Don't worry, there will be no spoilers.)

Let's get Breaking Dawn out of the way. With Eclipse's filming underway, they are considering making a movie out of BD. Okay, seriously, you want to make a movie out of that? Just take the beginning of BD, hook it onto the ending of Eclipse and leave it at that! And that's not all I've heard about Breaking Dawn. They're thinking about breaking the movie into TWO parts. Guys! Just because Harry Potter can get away with that, doesn't mean you can.

Okay, I'm going to put that out of my mind and move onto DH... OMG I've got some spoilers! If you want them click here! They've finally revealed where the two movies are going to be split (with an awesome cliffie I might add) and there's going to be an extra death. Though I don't think the character who's death has been added is actually going to be in the movie. Not entirely sure. The specifics are a little confused.

Now that that's over, here are my top five favorite series and authors. Note that there is a very close margin between the first three in both lists. Most of the time I say it's a tie. As soon as I get through reading my library books, I'm going to go through these lists and read them all from a writer's perspective.


  1. Harry Potter (of course)
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  3. Immortals Series (Tamora Pierce)
  4. Inheritance Cycle
  5. Twilight Saga (please don't hit me)
  1. J.K. Rowling
  2. Rick Riordan
  3. Tamora Pierce
  4. Christopher Paolini
  5. Sarah Dessen
There's my list. Now what's yours?


characterize said...

You know, I haven't even read Breaking Dawn yet...