Writing Wednesday

It's that day of the week again! But first some random ramblings...

I got my hair done yesterday! Well, I got it thinned and trimmed so it really doesn't look much different. I'm going to go straighten it soon and I can't wait to see how it looks. :D

Also, if I disappear tomorrow, it's not because I'm dead. It's just because I managed to get my hands on Catching Fire and I'm barricaded in my room reading it. I'll try to get my Thursday post done in the morning...

Writing has not gone at all well in the last week. I'm not really sure why, I've just been so stressed out about everything that I have difficulty writing and Hannah doesn't seem to be very happy with the direction that I want to take her story. She's so stubborn sometimes... My best day of writing was Wednesday with a measly 894 words. My worst days were Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I have an reason for not writing Saturday though) with 0 words all three days.

Status: *headdesk*
Queries: 15
Rejections: 5
I hate waiting. So much. I don't know if it's a good thing that it's taking so long or not... On one hand, they're not hating it so much that they reject it right away. On the other hand, they don't love it so much that they can't wait to read it. *headdesk* I just found out how to see when a document was created and looked up the exact date I started Destiny. It's November 8th, 2008 at 8:28 pm.

Status: Slow
Last week: 16,500
This week: 18,000
Jump is still coming along slowly. Hannah will not listen to me! I managed to get past one set of writers' block and walk myself right into another one. She wants to do one thing and I want her to do another. I'll give in and listen to her eventually. It's always easier to listen to your characters than fight them.

Status: WB
Last week: Rewrite not started
This week: 419 words
Yes, the official rewrite has begun. I was supposed to go through the old version and pick out all the scenes that I wanted to use in the rewrite, but I changed my mind and decided to at least get started. I'm probably going to end up going in a whole different direction, but I know it's going to end the same. I love the ending. I've also decided to play around with some present tense even though it's first person and to try alternating POVs with Maria and Dylan. I think if I can pull it off, Shipwrecked will be a really awesome story.

No Kissing:
Status: WB
Last week: Trunked
This week: 242 words
Raven refused to stay in the trunk for long. I'm completely rewriting NK with a whole different beginning and probably story. Except Raven only stuck around for about ten minutes before disappearing again so whether NK is actually going to stay out of the trunk remains to be seen.

That's all for this week! Everyone have a great day! :) I'm off to sit around on the internet and then I have hair to straighten, clothes to put on, and a cross-country meet and JV football game to watch.


Emilia said…
You. Can. Do. It. Rachael. :D :D

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