Week in Short

Yes I know this is late, but I've been gone all weekend and it's taking some time for me to catch up. I'm feeling all confused and overwhelmed at the moment so just bear with me. It's hard to keep up with a workload that you could handle when you were on the computer 12+ hours a day during the summer when you can only be on for 5 or 6 hours five days a week.

1. Paintballing is awesome, but painful. That's like the fourth or fifth time I've said that today. I can't wait to play again! I got hit in the face (wearing a mask of course) and couldn't see anything because there was white paint all over the front of my mask. Some got on my nose and mouth and I thought I was bleeding because there was red paint mixed with the white.
2. Rutherinne won a very impressive photo finish in the Nobel Damsel. I'm usually pretty good at calling photos, but this time I was wrong. It was almost dead heat close.
3. D'Funnybone walked all over the Futurity field. I'd love to seem him get into a spot of trouble and see how he handles it. Him, Dublin, and Backtalk are the three most promising two-year-olds so far.
4. Ventura became the third filly to win the Woodbine Mile and did it in thrilling fashion coming from second to last to sweep wide around the final turn and win in nearly course record time. She had to beat several top turf colts including Rahy's Attorney that beat her last year in the same race.
5. I'm so stressed out right now it's not even funny.

Must Read: Writer Unboxed has a brilliant post about active and passive writing this week. Or last week. Whenever it was. :D

News: Hannah has a two book deal with Simon Pulse! Congrats Hannah!

Ted Malawar has joined Upstart Crow Literary after Firebrand went out of business.

Rick Riordan has posted a link to the second Lightning Thief trailer on his blog! *bounces up and down* Personally I don't think the trailer does it justice.

BookEnds had a great post on choosing a title.

GLA talked about how to find a certain book's agent. I've got a few that I'd like to know who agented them... They also had an interview with Lucienne Diver, agent at The Knight Agency.

OPWFT had an interview with Aprilynne Pike, bestselling author of Wings! I so need to get that book...

YA Highway continues the trend with an interview with Janice Hardy, author of The Shifter.

I'll see you guys tomorrow! I'm going to listen to some music and see if I can relax for an hour or two. I'm so not looking forward to school tomorrow. I've got a couple awesome surprises planned out this week. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. :)


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