Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week in Short

Yes, these are going to be moved to Sunday. I apologize for the wait, but I've been so busy...

Warning: I'm experimenting with auto-posting this week. I will attempt to remember to come on every day and make sure the posts are posting (since I've always had trouble with auto-posting in the past), but if I forget or get too busy, I'm sorry.

It has not been a good weekend for my racehorses. The sons of my two favorite stallions in the world went head to head in the Hopeful. Backtalk (Smarty Jones), undefeated until then, finished fourth. I was very disappointed. Dublin (Afleet Alex), however, won the race rather impressively. I was favoring Backtalk for next year's Triple Crown, but it looks like I may have a new fave. Other than that, Gangbuster finished fourth and Flashing finished third.

Okay, I'm going to do this weeks posts first and then talk about my writing so those of you that don't care about the latter can read the former. Oh, and I learned a new word yesterday. 'Defenestrate.' It means 'to throw something out a window.' Weird, huh?

This week's Must Read is by Natalie Whipple on beating revision fatigue. I'm saving this in case I ever finish anything again...

Blood Red Pencil
this week had posts on how to critique your own manuscripts, find and remove "habit words," and weed out adjectives and adverbs.

Jessica at BookEnds has a post on the importance of writing credits.

GLA has seven reasons your manuscript is rejected by Hallie Ephron, tips for querying a series, and Stacia Decker moves to Donald Maass after Firebrand's closing.

Nathan Bransford has his own journey to publication story! I want his book...but it doesn't come out until 2011.

OPWFT has an awesome interview with Jo Knowles, author of Lessons from a Dead Girl and Jumping Off Swings.

Pimp My Novel gives us a glimpse into a day in the life of an intrepid assistant.

Querytracker talked about plagiarism this week. There seems to be a lot of accusations about that going around lately. Did someone win a multi-million dollar lawsuit that I missed and now everyone's trying to jump on the bandwagon or something?

Now let me move on to my writing since I'll be talking about that on Sundays instead of Wednesdays now.

Let's take a look at the last 13 days. It would probably be easier for me to tell you what days I did write, rather than which ones I didn't. My best day was yesterday with 3,091 words. My second best was 680 last Sunday and third was 406 a week ago Tuesday. Other than that, I haven't been writing much at all. Writers' block, school, and life in general had me down, but hopefully I'm back up now.

I'm honestly thinking about trunking her. Maybe for a few weeks, months, even a year or two. I've just pretty much been working on her non-stop for the past ten and a half months and I'm starting to get burnt out. With a few months to clear my head, maybe I'll be able to come back, do another revision and try again. Or just face the fact that Destiny is not the one.

Status: Going well! *knock on wood*
Last time: 18,000 words
This week: 21,000 words

On a much brighter note, Jump is finally going right! After about two weeks of barely writing a thing, it's finally back on track and rolling. Only 4k more and I'll have hit the halfway point! Hopefully that'll happen before next Sunday.

Status: Very, very slow
Last time: 419
This week: 757

I wrote a little bit on this yesterday before switching to Jump. It didn't go very well at all; I just felt like it wasn't coming out right. Might play with it some more today. I'm really excited to try Dylan's POV, but nervous too. Never tried a boy's POV for more than a short story before.

No Kissing:
Status: WB
Last time: 242
This week: 242

I'm starting to worry about Raven. She came running into my head all excited about starting her story over again, I wrote the first page, and then she disappeared. I've had absolutely no desire or inspiration to work on this since. Thinking about trunking it again. I have other stories -- like my latest SNI -- that are really tempting me right now.


Emilia said...

You are such a hard worker! Even if it doesn't seem like it. haha. Just remember... you can do whatever you set your mind to. I never remember that, but I should. :)