RTW -- Real World Characters

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This Week's Topic:
Who have you written into a book?

Most of the similarities with my characters to real life people is subconscious (seriously, I swear it is) but here are a few that I could think of.

Kaye's father in Burning Bridges has qualities from both my mom and my grandpa. The guy that played me my sophomore year is in Jump where I borrowed his player qualities and some of his arrogance. My ex-crush is written into several of my stories. My boyfriend is going to be in Cardinal Three but I haven't gotten to the point where he enters the story quite yet.

I don't really steal exact qualities that I can think of afterward, it's more like I steal parts of personalities like arrogance or obnoxiousness or shyness...


Alison Miller said…
Oh what sweet revenge we can exact - just kidding. I have various personality sprinkles in my characters, but there are some who could trade places with my imaginary friends. :)
I def. do the same...take out key portions of a person's personality and give it to a character :D Good response!
parts of personalities-- that's the way to do it!
Jess said…
Players make great characters--I've definitely used one myself... :)
Kaitlin Ward said…
Yes--parts of personalities, that's exactly what I do sometimes.

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