Dreamland Review

by Sarah Dessen
"Wake up, Caitlin." My English teacher wasn't the only who'd noticed.

"Caitlin?" my mother said at dinner. "Honey, are you okay?"

"Caitlin!" the dance coach barked as I flubbed another cartwheel.

"Caitlin?" Rina, my best friend, asked in our one shared class. "Hello?"

And finally, the one voice to which I snapped to attention, every time

"Caitlin," Rogerson said, and I'd listen so hard, trying to tell just by the cadence what might happen when we were alone.

What no one understands is that Caitlin can't afford to leave this dreamland, this half-sleeping state where everything -- and everyone -- can be kept at arm's length. Because then she'd have to face the ugly truth about her relationship with Rogerson, magnetic, fascinating -- and very dangerous -- Rogerson. What is it about Rogerson Biscoe...and why can't she leave him?

Ever since I read Along for the Ride I've been hoping for another Dessen novel and I finally got the chance to get my hands on this one. It definitely wasn't a light read, but it was an enjoyable one and it made me think.

I loved her portrayal of Caitlin's abusive relationship with Rogerson and how it affected her even after he was gone. How even though he beat her so many times, she still couldn't help but miss him. Her first scene in therapy was perfect. I love how the first thing she says is "What is the name of Pygmalion's sister?" and then when the therapist doesn't know she says, "Rogerson did. Rogerson knew everything." It was one of those lines that I just want to read over and over again.

The pacing was a little slow at some points, especially at the beginning. It took a bit for me to get into the story but once she met Rogerson, I was hooked. It also slowed down again around the end while Caitlin was in therapy. Despite that, there's a part of me that wishes there was more. I really want to see what happens to Caitlin and Cass now.

The characters were all excellent. Cass and Rogerson were my favorites. I loved Cass's motives of trying to get away from her overbearing mother so that she could do something that she wanted to do for once. I think that's something a lot of people can relate to. I also love the contrast of Cass and Caitlin and how they always wanted what the other had. I loved Caitlin's neighbors, Boo and Stewart, as well. One of my favorite scenes is the Friday Night war. It's just not something that you would normally see in a book, but it fit so well.

Overall: 8/10 It took a bit of time to get into, but once I did it was a great book.


Hey, she spells her name right! :D

Sounds like an interesting book... not sure if I could read about another Caitlin in such an awful situation though...

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