Veronica Mars Season Three Review

As far as I'm concerned, this season never happened. Compared to the pure awesomeness of seasons one and two, this season sucked. The first two seasons I would watch three or four episodes at a time and I could barely go two days without watching one. My record was six days when I told myself I couldn't watch another episode until I finished everything on my to do list. This season, on the other hand, it wasn't uncommon for me to watch one episode and then easily go two or three weeks before watching the next.

For me, season three felt like they tried to force two seasons of the show into one because they thought it would be canceled. Apparently the last five episodes were made after a hiatus and it definitely feels that way. Also the final episode ends on a slightly painful cliffhanger that's probably going to drive me insane for a few days.

I spent the majority of this season screaming at the characters. If Veronica wasn't driving me insane, it was Logan, Parker, Piz, Wallace, or Mac. I wanted so badly for Logan and Veronica to stay together. I was already planning on going back and watching the episodes where they first start dating in season one, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

I think I knew the whole time in my heart that Veronica would end up with Piz. I even wrote in my notes, "Come on V…you can’t break up with Logan again. If you end up with Pizz, I’ll FREAK." I didn't freak when they did finally start dating because I actually did enjoy seeing the two of them together. I can't believe Logan's with Parker now, though.

I hated that Mac broke up with Bronson for Max. I hated that Logan was starting to go the way of his psychotic father. I hated that Veronica broke into the Kane house and pretty much lost her father the election (again). I didn't like that this season didn't have as many surprises for me as the last two. Trying to figure out who did it was half the fun for me and this season I was able to figure it out easier.

Overall, this season was "meh" at best.I don't feel like I wasted my time watching it, but there is a part of me that wishes I hadn't.


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