Week in Short

Sorry guys, but WiS is going to be really short this week. Because I'm too wired to read 50 blog posts in the next couple hours. I'll make it up to you guys in the next couple weeks, promise. :) I have a nice surprise planned for either this week or next week depending on how the cards fall.

The reason why I'm five days behind on my blog reading? I had an insane week. My world has completely been thrown off kilter by Jump, two boys (one who likes me and one who seems to hate me), and the start of track season (which I don't actually do, I just go to the meets so I can hang out with my cousin).

In other exciting news, Perfect Chemistry arrived yesterday. Started it last night at midnight and ended up staying up until one. I wanted to stay up later, but I knew I probably shouldn't. I'm LOVIN' it so far.

Sarah Wylie is throwing an awesome blog contest! The prizes are very cool and include lunch with Suzie Townsend and Janet Reid (assuming that you can make it to New York), or a partial critique by Suzie Townsend!


Sebastian Literary Agency is closing.
The title and release date of Rick Riordan's next Camp Half-Blood book has been announced!!!! Title is The Lost Hero, series is going to be called the Heroes of Olympus and it's due to be released October 12th. I. Can't. Wait.

There isn't much news regarding my WIPs this week.

Jump -- is still in querying. I received my first request for a full and am now anxiously waiting on that. I don't handle waiting well...

Double-Crossed -- no progress here. Still at 1.5k

Guardian -- bouncing around my brain. I'm trying to figure out how it's going to start.

Three Days -- I think Camryn and Jeremy are a little annoyed with me for pushing this one on the sidelines. Might have to try to bring it back out.

Everyone have an awesome rest of the weekend!!


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