Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Always Use More Than One Source

This lesson of the week was brought to you by my procrastination and the random ideas that pop into my head.

Lesson: When researching, always check more than one source. Especially when researching agents.

The other day, I was procrastinating by researching agents that I might want to query. According to Querytracker, Agent A (why is it always Agent X? Is it because X is so little used they feel bad for it?) does indeed rep YA. A check of Agentquery says the exact opposite: he doesn't accept YA at all.

Uh oh. What do we do?

We triple check. We go straight to Agent A's website and see what that says. According to the website, Agent A does rep YA.

Disaster averted.

[Does AQ have some sort of function where you can report discrepancies in their agent listings? Because I've caught quite a few of them lately.]


1. Always check more than one source. Don't take what any one site (except the agency site, of course) says for the truth.
2. The agency site is the ultimate law of the land. Sites like querytracker and agentquery can't keep up with the random whims of every agent. Always double- and triple-check.
3. Research pays off. [Yeah, I couldn't think of a good third moral.]