Friday, April 9, 2010

Week in Short

So, I'm on cloud nine because I just watched Zenyatta (my favorite racehorse) win the Apple Blossom (a race) which brings her record up to 16 and 16 (incredibly impressive)!!!!!!


I never thought I would be sad to see a Friday come. But here I am...two days from going back to school. :( I can't believe break's almost over already!

This week's Must Read comes from the Intern. Her guest blogger divined some secrets of brick and mortar bookstores.

MSFV's next Secret Agent contest begins Monday and will cover YA and MG!
Querytracker announced their contest winners judged by Jason Yarn!

Blood-Red Pencil talked about sharing your work.

GLA gave tips on writing a book series, and interviewed Elana Roth.

Janice Hardy discussed trimming down and bulking up [of manuscripts that is], and kicked off her 'How They Do It' series with Gini Koch.

Querytracker talked about agent requested revisions.

Rachelle Gardner critiqued a literary novel query.

YA Highway interviewed Melissa Marr, and talked about parents in YA.

It's been a very productive week for me (in the area of writing anyway, homework not so much...).

Jump -- is officially in querying. I'm slowly coming out of my constant panic stage that comes with the first couple days of querying.

With Jump in querying, I think it's time for me to choose a new WIP to concentrate on. I've got far too many options, but I finally settled on a couple ideas that I've been bouncing off the walls of my skull for awhile now.

1. Double-Crossed Wizard-Style -- YA fantasy told in alternating POVs -- After their parents forbid them to join a secret organization of wizards, Brian and Raye run away from home. Their families' warnings were not unfounded however and the two teenagers soon find themselves running for their lives from wizards that are plotting to steal all the magic in the world for their own, and will stop at nothing to destroy all who oppose.

2. Guardian -- YA fantasy -- Hidden away in a secret training school, Cara wants nothing more to become a Guardian and be paired with her crush in the fight against monsters all over the world. Cara's world is turned upside down when her crush becomes a Guardian and refuses to pair with a Fighter, dark forces begin to rise against the School, and fear reigns as suspicions of a traitor threaten to tear everyone apart.

I'm really excited to go back to my first love: fantasy, but also a little nervous. I haven't written a fantasy novel in two years and both of these are going to require some major worldbuilding. It should be a fun challenge. :)

Everyone have an awesome weekend!


M.J. Horton said...

Could you explain the 16 and 16? The inner child in me who tried (and failed) to write a book about a girl saving a horse would love to know.

I can't wait for more on your fantasies, they both sound awesome! Good luck with querying!