Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I started querying yesterday! :D And so begins the long and painful process where I check my email every two minutes even though messenger tells me whenever I get emails.

I know that more than likely it's going to be a rejection. I accept this. I had a lot of rejections with Destiny and I'm sure Jump will have her fair share. Everyone has rejections. So how do you deal with them?

My five four-step process to deal with rejection:

1. Read the rejection. Remove it from your inbox. You can delete it. You can print it out and burn it if you want. Personally I just file all my rejections away in folders just in case something happens to my query list and I need to check to see who's responded.

2. Check that query off on your list.

3. Mourn it for a minute.

4. Eat chocolate. Or ice cream. Or chocolate and ice cream.

5. Send another query.

I subscribe to the revenge query system. No, it doesn't involve sending hate mail to every agent that rejects you. The revenge query system involves sending out another query for every rejection you get. I did this a lot with Destiny and, I'm telling you, it really helps.

And remember, everyone gets rejected. J.K. Rowling and Stephen King both had their fair share of rejections. Everyone who's published has experienced the disappointment that comes with being rejected. They worked through it and kept trying and eventually met that one person that said, "Yes."

EMAIL! :( Spam.


Angie said...

Good advice and good luck to you!!