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This week's topic: 
Are you doing NaNoWriMo, or have you ever? Does having a deadline inspire you?

I have every intention of doing NaNo this year. I'm still trying to work out which idea I'm going to use (it's a toss-up between two right now), but I know that I want to do it. I might be insane for trying considering I have classes, clubs, friends, and the last weekend of NaNo will be the first time I'll go home this semester.

The first idea is a WIP that's already at 10k. I don't really want to use that one because it's a very heart-wrenching book to write and I feel like it's one of those that shouldn't be written in a mad one-month rush. This one will probably have to wait for me to write until Christmas break.

My alternative right now is a Jorinda/Jorindel retelling told in alternating points of view between Jorindel, Jorinda, and the witch. This one's been stewing in my brain for a while now and I've had some great ideas for it. 

I did NaNo back in 2009 and won. The WIP is Aliens Ruined My Life which will probably never see the light of day. I went for it again last year, but quit only a few days in. I started with a contemporary set in my college town and then ended up giving it a fantasy twist that completely changed the plot. The combination of that and schoolwork killed my chances. 

Having a deadline doesn't really inspire me as much as being part of a ton of people who are writing together. It's incredible to have such a diverse support group. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to get together with a writers' group on campus this year because I think it would be so much fun to write while hanging out with other writers.


Anonymous said…
I also love how your sharing your experiences with other people. A huge online writing community, all trying to reach the same target that month. Good luck this year! =D
laboyden said…
Thank you for sharing. Good luck with NaNo! :D
The mutual support is the best part.

Good luck with it!
Jaime Morrow said…
"Having a deadline doesn't really inspire me as much as being part of a ton of people who are writing together." Yes! The motivation and accountability is what I love about it. I doubt I will get to 50,000 words (I edit as I write O_o), but it's all about getting my butt in the chair and getting something done. I'm working on finishing something that I started last year during NaNo, so this is a great opportunity. Good luck with NaNo however you approach it! :)
Samantha said…
Such a great idea to write it with a group of people who are also writing in it - makes it that much more enjoyable!
Daisy Carter said…
Best of luck choosing which idea to go with - it's a tough choice. My advice (if you want it) is to go with the one you think will be the most fun to write. Which one can you see yourself finding fun scenes and twists in? That might help keep you motivated!
Juliana Haygert said…
I'm gonna quote the same line that Jaime quoted: "Having a deadline doesn't really inspire me as much as being part of a ton of people who are writing together." Perfect. That's why I do NaNo too ;)
Good luck this year!
Colin Smith said…
I have high hopes for NaNo. This will be my first time, though I've thought about doing it for a couple of years now. All the best to you, Rachael! :D
Sara Biren said…
Whoo hoo! Good luck and see you there! Might as well - there's no hockey to watch. :)

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