College: 5 Random Things I've Learned

College is all about learning, but not all of that learning takes place in the classroom. There's also a lot of learning that has to do with growing up and being an adult. And then, sometimes, there's just really random bits of information that come up.

1. Not having class on Fridays is amazing. Except in the beginning I always thought it was Friday when it was really Thursday. Fridays might not always be class-free, but when they are...they're definitely enjoyable.

2. Eight a.m. classes are terrible. It doesn't seem that early, especially considering high school classes generally start at the same time, but in college it's like having a class at six instead of eight.

3. Everyone says that college is a time suck, but you have no idea how true that is until you're experiencing it.

4. College can be emotionally draining for a natural introvert. When I was at home, I could go in my room and be left alone if I needed some time to relax. But here, even if your dorm you've got everyone around you and homework to do and a roommate to deal with. One of the hardest things about college for me is that I have to be "on" all the time.

5. It's not a good idea to drink espresso right before going to math class. Or any class. Especially if caffeine makes it difficult for you to sit still and/or concentrate (like me). 


I'd argue that most college students think caffeine is required before things like math class. ;)
Karla Calalang said…
Oh wow, these are SO SO true. I'd argue what Caitlin argued about caffeine as well lol. But I completely took it out of my diet so I just try to find other ways to wake myself up hehe

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