I Have a Confession...

This post was inspired by one of the Broke and the Bookish Top 10 Tuesday topics some time ago. The topic was book-related confessions. So, I have a few confessions to make.

1. I guard my book collection almost like a dragon guards its treasure hoard. I'm very selective about the people that I let borrow my books. I still remember the time my mom lent out my copy of Twilight to someone that I didn't know.

2. I don't dog-ear pages. Ever. I do, however, occasionally set books face-down without closing them if I don't have a bookmark anywhere near me.

3. I have never read Jane Eyre, anything by Charles Dickens, any of the Lord of the Rings books, anything by Mark Twain, and many other popular classics.

4. When I was in high school, I only read half of most of the assigned classics and then I used Sparknotes to finish my reading questions and pass the tests. I did manage to finish The Outsiders, The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Animal Farm, Romeo and Juliet, and Fahrenheit 451. 

 5. I've owned a Kobo for almost three years now and I've only used it to read ARCs and the free classics. I love print books too much to give them up.

6. I cried when Borders closed. It was my bookstore of choice because our local Barnes and Noble doesn't have as good of a selection in YA.

7. When I was a kid, someone went through my books and got rid of all of my favorites but none of the kid's books that I actually wanted to give away. Now I hate it when anyone even packs up my books into totes to put in storage. I don't like throwing or giving away books, even picture books from my childhood.

8. When I finish a book that I absolutely adore, I sleep with it next to my pillow. I can only remember doing that with three books: Deathly Hallows (which I slept with under my arm), The Book Thief, and most recently Code Name Verity. 

 9. If all the word of mouth I hear about a book is glowing, I tend to be hesitant about reading it. I think this results from the fact that I read Twilight because I wanted to know what all my friends were talking about.

10. There are a few movies that started as books that I actually prefer over the books. This very short list includes Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Prince Caspian and Beastly.


Susan Francino said…
Love this post!

My blog partner had something similar to #7 happen to her fairly recently. :/ And in response to #8, I can feel a new writer-dream forming: write something so good that someone would sleep with it next to their pillow. I think my life would be complete if I accomplished that...
Laura said…
I, too, read Twilight because people told me it was awesome. However, I must admit that I initially liked it -- I didn't think it was the best thing since sliced bread, but I did enjoy it. Also, I refused to read Harry Potter even though my friends told me it was amazing. Then I picked it up and I was hooked. So usually I trust word of mouth.

I'm the same way about protecting my books. I still remember when my parents came into my room with a garbage bag -- just to clean my room, or threaten me to clean it if I didn't want to have things thrown out -- and proceeded to start dumping my BOOKS into it. Just because some were on the floor, where I'd toss them after reading them in bed before falling asleep. GRRR. It still makes me mad. Needless to say I raised hell about it...

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