Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Veronica Mars Season One Review

You might know that for the last two weeks, I've been watching Veronica Mars. I watched the last five episodes on Saturday night and I can't stop thinking about the show so I figured I'd write up a quick review of season one.

Here's a quick summary for those who have never heard of the show:
Veronica Mars is the daughter of private investigator Keith Mars. A year before she lost everything when her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered and her father -- the sheriff at the time -- remained convinced that Lilly's father was the murderer even after another man confessed. Veronica never quite understood her father's conviction that Lilly's father was responsible until she uncovers her own evidence that the man sentenced is innocent and reopens the case.

I can sum up the first season of this show in one word: Incredible. If you don't like soap opera-esque shows, you probably won't like VMars. Every time I finally think I've got things figured, the writers throw me through another loop.

Most of the characters are so 3-D and realistic that they truly feel like real people and Neptune feels exactly like a high school should. The most rounded characters are Veronica and Logan (Lilly's ex-boyfriend) who were both amazingly well done. Duncan (Veronica's ex-boyfriend and Lilly's brother) was also very rounded, but still feels a little flat personality-wise.

I'm officially addicted. I couldn't have stopped watching the last few episodes if I tried and I barely slept Saturday night thinking about the finale. I'm still getting over it.

And for the record, I am very firmly Team Logan.

I'm planning on watching season two this weekend so please no spoilers in the comments. :)


Cheree said...

I'm finally getting in to Veronica Mars. It's a fantastic show and I don't know why I didn't watch it when it first came out.