Monday, December 6, 2010

Everwood Season One Review

Everwood could, quite possibly, be my favorite show of all time. It started it 2004 and only ran for four seasons, but it's an incredible show.

The characters could be real people. If you don't watch it for any other reason, watch a couple episodes to study round, original characters.

For those of you who have never heard of the show, here's a quick summary:
When Manhattan neurosurgeon Andy Brown's wife dies in a tragic accident, he uproots his two children, 15-year-old Ephram and 9-year-old Delia, and moves to the small town of Everwood, Colorado for a less hectic pace.

It's a lot better than it sounds, believe me. For characters we have:

  • Ephram, a teenage boy with a gift for playing piano, a rocky relationship with his father, and who wants nothing more than to return to his old life in New York.
  • Andy, a neurosurgeon prodigy who gives up his professional altogether to become a country doctor because of a promise he made years before to his wife.
  • Delia, Ephram's tomboy sister.
  • Dr. Abbott, a cynical doctor who hates Andy on his arrival.
  • Amy, Dr. Abbott's daughter who's trying to deal with the fact that her boyfriend has been in a coma for four months.
  • Brighton, Amy's sister and her boyfriend's best friend.
  • Colin, Amy's boyfriend who's life has been changed forever by one terrible mistake
Everwood can also teach an amazing lesson in dealing with tough subjects. Everwood takes tough subjects and shows them in an entirely new way. I almost quit watching over one such subject, but in the end I felt they portrayed it better than any other show I've ever seen.

The season finale had me in tears from the first five minutes until...I'll let you know when I stop crying. I haven't cried this hard since Doctor Who's Doomsday.

I can't wait to see what season two brings.


LM Preston said...

Thanks for the show mention. I'll have to check it out on since I've missed episodes and want to catch up.

Valerie said...

I used to LOVE that show and I was beyond sad when it was cancelled!