Week in Short

Week in Short is going to be on Saturday from now on, at least until school's over in two weeks. Sorry, Doctor Who has kind of taken over whatever free time I have left outside if school, homework, and writing. Though that should end soon. I've only got four episodes of series four left to go. I watched DW for nine hours straight yesterday afternoon. I had no idea until I glanced down at the clock at midnight and did the math. This was supposed to be up this morning, but I slept in until eleven and then got invited over to my great-aunt's house to go swimming in the lake all afternoon. Really threw a wrench in my plans to be productive. Once I got home I (of course) had to watch the new episode of DW. Which was somewhat epic, although I had those "OMG someone please hit her over the head with something extremely hard" moments. I seriously need the next episode.

Song of the week: Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Must Read:
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PMN is looking for guest blogs! All submissions are due June 16th!
YA Highway turned one this week and in celebration YA Highway is hosting three days of fabulous giveaways! The prizes are for those who read, write, and just like to have fun! They end June 6th so hurry over there!

BookExpo America was this week and this was clear by the large number of posts on the event.
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Nathan Bransford:
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Pimp My Novel:
Literary fiction
PubIt! [Am I the only one wondering what they were thinking during the name brainstorming sessions?]

Contemporary romance

Ramblings of a Writer:
Write what you don't know

Writer Unboxed:
Putting writing before research

Unfortunately school + Doctor Who = not much writing this week. Plus I'm writing a novel for creative writing class so at the moment I'm handwriting all morning. By the time I get home, I'm so dried out and tired that all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch three episodes of DW.

No change with Double-Crossed or Guardian.

Three Days -- 21.5k. I worked on it a little bit this week, but not too much.

After the Jump -- 600. I've been trying to work on it, but I keep getting this feeling that I need to do more research. Probably going to take WU's advice this weekend and just write.

All right everyone, have a wonderful holiday weekend and I'll be back on Monday. :)


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