Week in Short

Sorry about this being a day late...again. It's been a pretty busy week for me. Okay, I spent most of it watching series five and part of series one of Doctor Who. New episode on tonight, YES!!!! Also, just a warning, the Preakness is now a week away. I won't be quite as obsessed with horse racing as I was the week before the Derby because I'm not a complete fan of this year's Triple Crown hopeful. Though I'm still getting over the fact that Eskendereya retired this week. GAH. In other news, I finished The Host yesterday. I'll tell you what I think about it later.

Song addiction of the week: Swing by Trace Adkins [This is actually a pretty old song, but I recently got reattached to it while adding to my favorites.]

Must Read:
Beautiful People by Kristin [Doesn't really have anything to do with writing, but READ IT. Now. Seriously.]
Day in the Life of the Rejectionist
Interview with editor, Kate Sullivan at YA Highway

Winners of 25-word pitch contest with Chris Richman

There are rumors of a new Flicka movie. I quite honestly did not like the 2006 version, Flicka, but I'm sure I'll end up seeing this one. Eventually.

The release date for Breaking Dawn the movie has been announced: November 18, 2011. No word yet on whether or not BD will be split into two movies. Guys, just because Harry Potter is awesome enough to be split into two movies does NOT mean that Breaking Dawn is, 'kay?? There's more than enough they can cut out of that book to make it into one.

Blood-Red Pencil:
Awesome examples of conflict in first lines

Morality clauses

What if multiple agents want your work?
5 articles on writing with voice
How to have an awesome time at a writers' conference
Three things debut authors should know when signing with an agent

Kathleen Ortiz:
Partial round-up

Nathan Bransford:
Series Bible

Handling critiques

Rachelle Gardner:
What's in a publishing contract

Self-publishing credits

Story Flip:
Writing short stories

Writer Unboxed:

Despite my obsession with DW, my writing is actually going better than ever. I'm also considering bringing another project out of the trunk for revisions. Not something I normally do willingly.

Double-Crossed -- slowly progressing. It hit 4k this week. Raye's slightly happier with me at the moment and I know what's going to happen next, I just can't figure out how I want it to happen.

Guardian -- still at 1.3k. I didn't write on this one this week at all. I think it's going to be one of the those WiPs that I start and then put to the side for later.

Three Days -- going fantastically! I hit 15k and wrote a good 3k this week. Very good for someone that hasn't had a proper day of writing in weeks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


I TOTALLY have "Swing" on my iPod. Just sayin' lol.

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